EU GDPR Information

Dear UK and EU Customers,

The European Union and the United Kingdom will start enforcing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2018. In our view this overreaching regulation is making it impossible for small mom & pop businesses to be 100% in compliance with the regulation. Large corporations have spent millions of dollars to bring their oganizations into compliance. Many small business will apply some of the regulations and then continue on their way of doing business. We (The Meteorite Exchange, Inc.) do not operate in this fashion and always try to do what is required of us.

The United States has allowed US businesses to fall under the regulatory powers of the EU GDPR. With the burdens involved to become compliant, along with the possible monetary penalties involved (Remedies, liability and penalties), we have come to the conclusion that at this time we can no longer continue to sell to UK and EU Countries. We will re-evaluate from time to time.

On May 15th we will start the process of removing the purchasing ability of GDPR participating countries and removing customer accounts for EU and UK customers.

Newsletter Subscription

All UK and EU Customers should exersize their own personal choice of whether they want to keep receiving this newsletter or to remove their email address so they no longer receive emails from The Meteorite Exchange, Inc..

To remove your email address please either click on the unsubscribe link near the bottom of this email or use our Contact Us page requesting that we manually remove it.

GDPR – Right to be Forgotten

Any customer who wishes their data be erased should use our Contact Us page to request erasure. Upon receiving a ‘Right to be Forgotten’ request we will delete the account information, orders placed, newsletter subscriptions, testimonials, and any saved email correspondence.

It is very sad for us to not be able to supply our goods and services to our many friends in the UK and EU. Many policies that on the surface look good for the consumer are written in ways that large corporation can capitalize on as they have the resources knowing fully well the burdens placed on smaller competitors.

We appreciate you all very much,

Paul and Jim

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