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Viñales L6 Meteorite

Viñales L6 MeteoriteLocation: Pinar del Rio, Cuba
Find / Fall: Fall 2019
Classification: Chondrite L6
Total Known Weight: 50 kg

The Viñales meteorite fell on February 1, 2019 and was accompanied by loud sonic booms and a long smoke trail. The bollide passed across the Pinar Del Rio province of Cuba. A shower of stones fell on the Viñales Valley. Hundred of meteorite stones ranging in size from 2 grams to 1100 grams were recovered with an initial total weight estimated at 100 kgs. Viñales is a chondrite type L6 with a highly recrystallized matrix. Chondrule borders are hard to discern but many types of chondrules are present in the Viñales meteorites. Nickel-iron metal is seen as grains up to 700 um in size. Viñales pieces show black shock veins on broken or cut surfaces and it has a dense black fusion crust on fresh pieces.

The Viñales specimens we are selling all have the black exterior typical of fresh fall stones collected quickly. All of our Viñales meteorites have been windowed and highly polished. Most show the black shock veins.

Viñales Meteorite For Sale

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