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Lunar MeteoritesThrough any telescope even a small one the Moon is seen as a very cratered world. The moon rocks returned by the manned and unmanned missions sent there have told scientist much about the nature of lunar rocks. The low gravity and huge size of some of the impacts have sent chunks of rock into space that eventually fell to Earth. Lunar meteorites are rare but enough have been found to make it possible for collectors to now have a piece of our closest neighbor in space.

Lunar meteorites are made of mostly volcanic rocks called basalts. But the pounding of impacts over eons has broken the rocks into fragments that have been melted and reformed into rocks called breccias. Close examination of Lunar meteorites will often reveal the small individual bits of different colors that make up these breccias. The bits are called clasts. Lunar rocks are very old geologically speaking, and the volcanic activity is believed to have stopped early in the Moon’s history. These few fact are just a tiny portion of the information that makes Lunar meteorites such fascinating material to add to any collection.

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