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Chondrite Meteorites

Chondrite MeteoritesChondrite Meteorites contain little round structures called Chondrules. Chondrules are small spherical structures that distinguish this type of stony meteorite. Chondrules are in simplest terms tiny drops of mineral that cooled slowly enough to crystallize. Chondrite meteorites, like all meteorites, have gone through some changes during their long history of traveling our solar system in space. An example of how changes can occur is when a Meteorite impacts another body in space. This causes it to become heated, fractured, and even partly melted. The degree to which these meteorites and therefore its chondrules have been altered is represented in its classification by a petrologic type number. Type 3 for example will have numerous and distinct round chondrules whereas type 6 stony meteorites will have chondrules that are little more than diffused spots of remaining small crystal grains. In between these extremes are stages of chondrule change. Chondrite meteorites also have different amounts of nickel iron metal. This difference has resulted in three types of classification by metal content. H type are high metal, L type are low metal, and LL type chondrites will have both low metallic iron as well as low iron in mineral forms as well.

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