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Aiquile H5 Meteorite

Aiquile H5 MeteoriteLocation: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Find / Fall: Fall 2016
Classification: Chondrite H5
Total Known Weight: 50 kg

The Aiquile meteorite made a dramatic arrival as a brilliant fireball on November 20, 2016, at 17:57. The meteoroid fragmented spreading meteorites over several communities including Aiquile in the Cochabamba district of Bolivia. The strewnfield of the meteorite fragments is approximately 12 x 2 kilometers. The largest stone to be found was a 36.3 kilogram stone which was seen to land about 500 meters from a local man.

Aiquile is an H group ordinary chondrite with abundant visible nickel-iron grains. The stones have a well developed black fusion crust. Aiquile is a type 5 stone based on its chondritic texture and most pieces show no brecciation. However many pieces do contain darker clasts with the same makeup as the rest of the stone. These darker patches can be seen in many of the pieces offered here. Aiquile is moderately shocked and received an S3 stage when classified. As a witnessed fall it is a W0 in weathering which is the stage for the specimens we have for sale which are from a stone found quickly after the fall. Some of the Aiquile stones show isolated small dark inclusions and melt pockets some of these features are also seen among our pieces. Approximately 50 kgs of material were recovered from the fall.

Aiquile Meteorite For Sale

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