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Achondrite Meteorites

Achondrite MeteoritesAchondrite Meteorites are stone meteorites that have no chondrules. This lack of chondrule may be the result of melting or because the meteorites formed on a planetary body. Lunar and Martian meteorites are most often catalogued as Achondrite meteorites. Some Achondrite meteorites are believed to have originated on the asteroid Vesta and are grouped into a family called HED meteorites. These letters stand for Howardite, Eucrite, and Diogenite type Achondrites. The outside appearance of many Achondrites is similar to that of other stony meteorites, however several of the Achondrites have fusion crusts that are strikingly different. Eucrites for example because of their chemistry have a very shiny black fusion crust. Some members of the Achondrite meteorites are a mixture of different chunks of rock in a single specimen. These are referred to as breccias. Words such as polymict breccia and monomict breccia describe whether the angular components of the mix come from a single source or a multiple different group of sources.

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