NWA 8743 Eucrite-melt breccia Meteorite

NWA 8743 MeteoriteFall / Find: Found 2014
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Eucrite-melt breccia
Total Known Weight: 2.53 kg

NWA 8743 is a Eucrite-melt breccia. A single stone of NWA 8743 weighing 2531 grams was found in northwest Africa. The pie shaped stone was subsequently purchased in 2014. NWA 8743 had no fusion crust and an irregular dark gray surface.

NWA 8743 is a breccia of coarse-grained gabbro fragments up to 6 x 3 cm in size accounting for one third of the composition. The balance of the breccia is composed of smaller fragments of fine-grained pyroxene-feldspar rocks. Small vesicles are scattered throughout the meteorite. The matrix of NWA 8743 is composed of pyroxene and feldspar needles forming a graphic intergrowth. The stone accepts a bright high polish as seen on the specimens offered here.

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