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Jim and Paul met during an astronomy club meeting back in the late 80's. Besides astronomical observing, they started tinkering with the idea of starting a meteorite based BBS (this was just before the Internet really got going). As they they saw the advantages of this new Internet thing, all thoughts going the BBS route were immediately shelved.

In 1996 The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. was formed and the domain name meteorite.com was acquired. As the popularity of The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. grew, Jim and Paul decided to keep meteorite.com open for other Meteorite Dealers to advertise their businesses on the site as well as Jim and Paul having their own Meteorite For Sale Catalog.

When Voyage Magazine stopped publication Jim and Paul decided to start an online Meteorite Magazine called Meteorite Times Magazine, www.meteorite-times.com The focus would be for a fun read with the purpose of promoting the meteorite community. The first online issue of Meteorite Times Magazine was April 2002.

In 2007 Paul and Jim made the decision to move their for sale catalog from meteorite.com to a professional eCommerce site with the domain name meteorites-for-sale.com which opened in June of 2007 and worked very well for many years. During 2011 it became apparent that site was due for a major overhaul and after many months of work the new site was up and running in 2012.

The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. is a proud member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (I.M.C.A.). IMCA Member Number 8966. The International Meteorite Collectors Association was formed to ensure the authenticity of meteoritic material provided by its members and is all about honest business/collecting practices." As a member of the I.M.C.A. we agree to uphold this high standard. The 'Authenticity Guaranteed' on the logo means that we, The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. are responsible for authenticity and its accompanying guarantee. You may click on the IMCA logo below to proceed to the IMCA website for more information.


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