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Bulk Indochinite Tektite


Bulk Indochinite Tektite

Bulk Indochinite Tektite

Bulk Indochinite Tektite For Sale

Tektites are a natural material and these from Thailand formed nearly 800,000 years ago in a massive asteroid impact event. They are found during road construction and in farmlands and today often in bomb craters in Southeast Asia.

These Thailand tektites came from the enormous Darryl Futrell Collection. The tektites were all acquired by Mr. Futrell in the 1960s -1970s. Splashform tektites come in all aerodynamic shapes which they receive as they fall back to Earth in a hot plastic state. They cool during their flight and hold their final shape.


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Tumbled Indochinite Tektite Assortments in 100 gram lots
Assorted tumbled and polished tektites from the Indochinite area of the Australasian strewnfield. These beautiful tektite stones have been tumbled and polished to a shiny and smooth finish and packaged into 100 gram lots.


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Thailand Splashform Tektite Assortments in 250 gram lots
Very little splashform tektite material is being offered for sale today from Thailand. These assortments are an opportunity to obtain fine quality material from a major collector of the last century. Packaged in lots of 250 grams, buyers wishing larger amounts need simply select the number of 250 gram lots required to reach the total they desire.

The assortments offered here contain specimens of many of the different possible shapes such as teardrops, dumbbells or rods, patties, spheres or ovoids, and pieces of bubble forms. As ancient natural glass objects, they are sometimes found with chips. Attempts have been made to eliminate specimens with major chips from the assortments, but the occasional small chip may be seen on specimens. This is very normal since they are glass objects of great age.


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