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Large Meteorites For Sale

Large MeteoriteShop our large meteorites for sale catalog for a wide range of specimens. This selection of our largest meteorites include whole individual stones, end pieces, and larger end cuts of other stone meteorites. This catalog page does not include any iron meteorite for sale. The end piece and end cut meteorites are prepared with a polished window to show the interior features. These are beautiful meteorites that will enhance any meteorite collection.

Buy Rare and Large Meteorite For Your Meteorite Collection

Over the years our lab has prepared thousands of slices and end cuts from large stone meteorites. A point is reached when we decide that making the remaining portion of the meteorite into a larger display piece is the appropriate thing to do. Small meteorite slices are great and allow for the creation of a marvelous and varied collection. However, sometimes a single slice or part slice will not show all the characteristics that a meteorite has to offer. Here is where a larger piece of the meteorite becomes a great source of information and knowledge as well as a beautiful otherworldly object to put on display.

Meteorites come in all sizes and shapes. Many of the larger meteorites offered here are classified as official meteorites and listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database. However, some of our genuine meteorites have never been sent to a lab for an official classification. These unclassified meteorites will always clearly be a meteorite from the characteristics that they possess. Many of these unclassified stones were very deserving of being classified and nothing keeps them from still being classified by a new owner with that desire in mind.

Over the years, the Meteorite Exchange, Inc. has sent NWA chondrite meteorites to laboratories for analysis and classification. These officially recognized meteorites have had slices and end pieces cut from them for our inventory of meteorites. Some of the remaining pieces of these are available as larger beautiful meteorites. A few are also the remaining main masses of the meteorites as the Meteorite Exchange, Inc. was the sole source of these meteorite specimens. Owning main masses is something that is special and attractive to some collectors and can be a unique addition to any collection. By their very nature, when these main masses are gone, they are gone. They represent the last of the meteorite except for the slices in other areas of our catalog.



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