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Meteorites For Sale Catalog

We acquire our meteorites for sale from a network of trusted meteorite hunters and dealers from all over the world. Meteorites come from many different types of bodies in the solar system which results in many different types of meteorites. Our catalog contains the following list of meteorites.

Iron Meteorites are those made of nickel-iron. These may represent the material from the core of a large body or several bodies in space.

Chondrite Meteorites are stony-meteorites with small spherical structures called chondrules.

Carbonaceous Chondrite Meteorites make up a small percentage of all stony-meteorites and are a type of chondritic meteorite which contains carbon in the form of organic compounds.

Achondrite Meteorites are stony-meteorites that have no chondrules. They may have been heated or smashed by impacts or formed on a larger body where gravity prevented the formation of spherical structures and formed layers instead.

Lunar Meteorites and Martian Meteorites are very rare and have reached Earth because of impacts on the Moon or Mars which have sent a small amount of material out into space eventually reaching our planet as meteorites.

Stony-Iron Meteorites are made up by the Pallasites which have crystals of olivine mixed with nickel-iron and the Mesosiderites which have silicate minerals mixed with the nickel-iron.

Unclassified Meteorites are authentic meteorites which have not been sent to researchers for classification. Scientists do not have the capacity or scientific need to classify every meteorite that has been found.

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