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ImpactitesAouelloul Glass, Darwin Glass, Libyan Desert Glass, Irghizites, Zhamanshin Crater Glass (Zhamanshinite)

Impactites are formed when an asteroid or comet strikes the surface of the Earth and the impact forms a crater. The rocks of the area are blasted from the site and fall as debris. Some of the rock will be melted to one extent or another. Some melted to solid high quality glass some poorer fused into lump called Impactites and some of the rocks of the region may only be ribboned with glass. Much of the rock that is debris in the ejecta blank around the crater will be mixed material of different types. Over time this material will become new rock. Impact breccias and suevites will often be found as deposits even after the rim and basin of the crater have eroded off and filled in. Impactites are one type of melted material distinct from tektites in that it has not flown great distance but remains at the impact site. Some Impactites have bits of the impactor incorporated into them. Metallic spheres of metal meteorite are sometimes found in Impactites. Impact crater rocks is a broader category of material to collect.

Impactites and Natural Glass For Sale

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