NWA 13790 Winonaite Meteorite

 NWA 13790 Winonaite MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find 2020
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Winonaite
Total Known Weight: 838 g

The NWA 13790 meteorite is a primitive achondrite of the Winonaite type. NWA 13790 was found and purchased on 2020. The total weight of stones and fragment recovered is recorded as 838 grams. The largest piece found is 131.4 grams. Some fragments of NWA 13790 have fusion crust.

NWA 13790 is a coarse-grained mafic rock composed of olivine, low calcium pyroxene, calcium rich pyroxene, and plagioclase feldspar. NWA 13790 was classified as a Winonaite based on the mineral chemistry and the high abundance and shape of the Fe-Ni metal.

NWA 13790 Winonaite Meteorite Information

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