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Muong Nong TektitesMuong Nong tektites or layered tektite glass is not commonly found in any of the tektite strewnfield except the Indochinite strewnfield. In all the others this layered glass is found only as a very rare piece. But, in the younger Indochinite impact region this glass is found as both large and small masses. It is chemically dry though not as dry as splash form tektite glass an is therefore not possibly of any other origin than that by asteroid or comet impact. But, it has the appearance of not having traveled up into the atmosphere as the splash forms have. Muong Nong may represent some form of impact melt sheet glass. Large masses present the appearance of having formed by the repeated flowing of thin layers of molten glass. Building layered by layer a thick sheet which is much more bubbly and much less homogeneous than splash form glass while still being chemically similar to that of the aerodynamically formed specimens.

Please Note: Most Muong Nong specimens have chips on them. Much of the Muong Nong material has been obtained from bomb craters in Eastern Laos. Each specimen detail page will list if there are chips on the specimen. The listed price for each specimen takes into account any chipping that the specimen may have.

All of our Muong Nong specimens are from the Darryl Futrell Collections of Tektites. Specimens with catalog numbers beginning with the letters “FT” are hand numbered specimens from his collection.

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