NWA 15339 Diogenite Meteorite

NWA 15339 Diogenite MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find 2022
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Diogenite-pm
Total Known Weight: 9.76 kg

NWA 15339 is a Polymict Breccia Diogenite. Two pieces of NWA 15339 were purchased from a north African dealer in March of 2022. The total recovered weight of NWA 15339 is 9.76 kilograms.

NWA 15339 is a breccia composed mainly of diogenitic orthopyroxene with some lithic clasts. Some of the diogenitic orthopyroxene shows undulatory extinction under a polarizing microscope but not all of the mineral does. NWA 15339 had a low weathering state and also a low shock stage.

NWA 15339 Diogenite Meteorite Information

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