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Tirhert Eucrite Meteorite

Tirhert  Eucrite MeteoriteFind / Fall: Fall 2014
Location: Guelmim-Es-Semara, Morocco
Classification: Eucrite-unbr
Total Known Weight: 8 kg

The Tirhert meteorite is a witnessed fall which fell on July 9, 2014 at around 9:30 pm. A fireball was seen and multiple sonic booms were heard. The first Tirhert meteorites were found the following day. Thousands of people came from the nearby cities and villages to search for meteorites from the Tirhert fall. Most of the searchers left the area quickly because of the extreme temperatures in the fall area. A strewnfield of approximately 6 x 3 kilometers was created in the fall. The largest piece of the Tirhert meteorite weighs 1300 grams. Many small pieces were found. The total estimated weight of the fall is 8-10 kg.

Tirhert has been classified as an unbrecciated gabbroic eucrite. Most pieces of Tirhert will have shiny glassy fusion crust. The great number of small pieces recovered is good evidence that Tirhert is friable. As a quickly recovered witnessed fall Tirhert has no weathering and its shock level is low.

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