Djoua 001 Aubrite Meteorite

Djoua 001 Aubrite MeteoriteFind / Fall: Found 2021
Location: Illizi, Algeria
Classification: Aubrite
Total Known Weight: 22.51 kg

The Djoua 001 meteorite was found in Illizi, Algeria in February and March 0f 2021. Several scattered pieces of a large light colored achondrite were recovered with a total known weight of 22.51 kilograms.

Djoua 001 is an Aubrite type achondrite meteorite which means it is composed primarily of the mineral enstatite. No plagioclase feldspar was found in any of the pieces analyzed. Djoua 001 has a low shock stage and a low weathering grade.

The Djoua 001 stones have a dark coating that may be degraded fusion crust. The interior of the Djoua 001 stones are colored a mottled beige and gray with the occasional dark and rusty spot. Rare tiny metal grains are seen on cut surfaces and some of the larger white grains of enstatite are up to 1.5 cm in size.

Djoua 001 Aubrite Meteorite Information

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