NWA 14016 Eucrite-melt breccia Meteorite

NWA 14016 Eucrite-melt breccia MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find 2020
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Eucrite-melt breccia
Total Known Weight: 29.4 kg

NWA 14016 is a Eucrite-Melt Breccia type achondrite meteorite. NWA 14016 was found in 2020 and purchased in June of 2020. 29.4 kilograms of NWA 14016 was recovered as two large identical appearing stones one weighing 19.2 kilograms and the other weighing 10.2 kilograms.

NWA 14016 is a monomict breccia composed of angular eucritic clasts with sparse melt rock in the the matrix. The melt rock contains crystalline debris. Some troilite and nickel-iron metal is found in the meteorite. NWA 14016 has a high shock state demonstrated by the thin dark shock veinlets that crosscut clasts. There are veins of secondary calcite and calcite is also found infilling cavities in the meteorite matrix. NWA 14016 has a low weathering grade.

NWA 14016 Eucrite-melt breccia Meteorite Information

NWA 14016 Eucrite-melt breccia Meteorites For Sale

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