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NWA 13325 Eucrite-br Meteorite

NWA 13325 MeteoriteFall / Find: Found 2019
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Eucrite-br
Total Known Weight: 7.84 kg

NWA 13325 is a Eucrite Genomict Breccia. One stone weighing 7842 grams was recovered and sold by a Moroccan meteorite dealer in late 2019. NWA 13325 is a fresh meteorite with a low shock stage. It contains a mixture of large clasts which are texturally diverse. Gabbroic, diabasic, granulitic, and partially recrystallized textures are seen in the meteorite.

NWA 13325 is a dramatic-looking eucrite. Its large and varied clasts make it a most interesting meteorite visually. It took a high polish and an attempt was made to cut the specimens so that when possible a mixture of different clasts would show.

NWA 13325 Meteorite Information

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