NWA 15656 Eucrite Meteorite

NWA 15656 Eucrite-pmict MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find 2021
Location: Algeria
Classification: Eucrite-pmict
Total Known Weight: 700 g

The NWA 15656 meteorite is a HED type achondrite classified as a Polymict Eucrite. One stone of 700 grams was recovered and purchased in 2021. The cut surface of NWA 15656 reveals a breccia of scattered light and brown colored clasts set in a matrix that is gray in color.

NWA 15656 consists of approximately 70 percent cumulate eucrite material and approximately 30 percent basaltic eucrite material. Most of the plagioclase feldspar in NWA 15656 has been maskelynitized. NWA 15656 has a low nickel-iron content. NWA 15656 has a high shock stage and a moderate weathering state. It is an attractive and interesting looking meteorite that takes a high polish.

NWA 15656 Eucrite-pmict Meteorite Information

NWA 15656 Eucrite-pmict Meteorites For Sale

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