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NWA 14370 Eucrite breccia Meteorite

NWA 14370 MeteoriteFall / Find: Found 2021
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Eucrite-br
Total Known Weight: 3.07 kg

NWA 14370 is a brecciated Eucrite. It was found in 2021 and purchased from a meteorite dealer. Forty-five pieces were recovered of the find totaling 3071 grams. NWA 14370 contains low CA pyroxene, augite, and plagioclase feldspar. No diogenitic orthopyroxene was found in the meteorite.

NWA 14370 has a low shock stage and though many of the stones had smooth abraded surfaces with no fusion crust remaining, other stones retained fusion crust in amounts from nearly complete coverage to approximately 50%. The meteorite has a low weathering state with little discoloration of the matrix. After much slicing only a single grain of iron metal was observed. Most of the cut surfaces display a rind of altered material approximately 1.5 mm thick below the fusion crust. The rind is easily noted on many slices when polished. NWA 14370 is an attractive brecciated eucrite with a fine grain texture surrounding coarse angular crystals and clasts.

NWA 14370 Meteorite Information

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