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Thuathe H4/5 Meteorite

Thuathe H4/5 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Fall – 2002
Location: Berea, Lesotho
Classification: Chondrite H4/5
Total Known Weight: 45.3 kg

The Thuathe meteorite was seen traveling westward as a fireball over Losotho toward the Thuathe Plateau on July 21, 2002. An unusually long noise feature was heard with this bolide which lasted approximately 15 seconds. Villagers reported stones falling on and near their homes in several towns. The Thuathe meteorite is a type H4/5 chondrite. Approximately 30 kgs of stones were recovered from this witnessed fall.

The black fusion crusted Thuathe stones have a light gray interior with abundant grains of metal showing scattered across a cut surface. Some specimens have dark shock veins and show a brecciated interior structure. Rounded inclusion are seen along with chondrules that are easily visible.

Thuathe Meteorite Information

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