Al Haggounia 001 EL-melt rock

Al Haggounia 001 EL-melt rockFind / Fall: Find – 2006
Location: Saguia el Hamra, Western Sahara
Classification: EL-melt rock
Total Known Weight: 3 Metric Tons

This meteorite is sometimes referred to as a paleo or fossil meteorite. This EL-melt rock enstatite chondrite has had both a fascinating history before and after it’s recovery. It has been here long enough to be incorporated into terrestrial conglomerates as cobble stones. It has been very altered during it time on Earth. It is however, quite attractive and some pieces recovered have developed a variety of colors rarely seen in meteorites. It has sparsely scattered radial pyroxene chondrules that retain well preserved shapes; giving the meteorite a deserved Type 3 Classification. Its long terrestrial exposure has except for tiny specks left it without metal and earned it a weathering grade of W4. With approximately 20 NWA designations and the name Al Haggounia 001 this is truly a meteorite with a story.

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