Dalgety Downs L4 Meteorite

Dalgety Downs L4 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 1941
Location: Western Australia, Australia
Classification: Chondrite L4
Total Known Weight: 257kg

The Dalgety Downs meteorite was originally recovered in Australia in 1941 as 217 kilograms of broken fragments from a single large mass. But over the decades more Dalgety Downs has been found and it has become clear that it was a fall of more than one stone. The total known weight is approximately 474 kilograms currently making it one of the largest falls of an L4 meteorite. Dalgety Downs contains easily observed chondrules of many types. The stone is moderately shocked exhibiting mosaicism in the olivine grains. Dalgety Downs is a classic of meteorites well represented in major collections worldwide.

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