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Dhofar 1289 L4 Meteorite

Dhofar 1289 L4 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 2004
Location: Zufar, Oman
Classification: Chondrite L4
Total Known Weight: 37 kg

Dhofar 1289 was found in 2004. Many pieces were recovered with a total known weight exceeding 37 kg. Dhofar 1289 is classified as an L4 chondrite. Chondrules are easily visible on slices. Chondrules vary in size with occasional chondrules approaching 5mm in diameter.

Dhofar 1289 is slightly shocked receiving an S2 state when classified. Little metal shows in cut slices. The meteorite has an attractive color and interesting features when prepared and polished.

Dhofar 1289 Meteorite Information

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