NWA - 8384 LL3 Meteorite

NWA 8384 LL3 MeteoriteNorthwest Africa 8384
Morocco Find 2011
Mass 1080g
Chondrite LL3 W3 S1

A single stone with just a little remaining fusion crust was purchased from a meteorite dealer online because it looked somewhat interesting. When it was cut it revealed that it was a chondrule rich beauty. The chondrules themselves were sharply well defined leading us to believe that it was a type 3 chondrite. A 50 gram portion was cut off as a type specimen and sent for classification to UCLA. The results confirmed that it was type 3.

NWA 8384 was a 1080 gram stone. It is an LL3 meaning it has little free iron metal and little iron in the minerals of the stone portion. It is moderately weathered and received a W3 stage during classification. The stone has been very lightly shocked so it received an S1 stage for that feature. NWA 8384 is a fascinating chondrule rich stone meteorite.

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