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Dhofar 020 H4/5 Meteorite

Dhofar 020 H4/5 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 2000
Location: Zufar, Oman
Classification: Chondrite H4/5
Total Known Weight: 256 kg

Dhofar 020 is an H4/5 high metal chondrite. It has a shock stage of S4 and a weathering stage of W3. 256 kg of stones were recovered during the initial hunt of the fall area.

Dhofar 020 was a major meteorite recovery from the limestone plateau of the Dhofar region of Oman. Over 2000 pieces of Dhofar 020 were found by a Russian team of meteorite hunters in March of 2000. The meteorites have a typical desert varnished exterior. Cut slices of Dhofar 020 have a dark brown color and exhibit mostly dark chondrules. We offer very nicely prepared polished pieces of this stone meteorite.

Dhofar 020 Meteorite Information

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