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NWA 10816 LL5 Meteorite

NWA 10816 LL5 MeteoriteNorthwest Africa 10816
Morocco Find 2009
Mass 6.98 kg
Chondrite LL5

NWA 10816 was found as a single large stone of 6978 grams. It is a beautiful LL5 meteorite with abundant easily discerned chondrules and chondrule fragments. Most of the chondrules are small ranging up 1-1.5 mm diameter but 2 mm chondrules are not infrequent. Chondrules of 6-8 millimeters are also seen more rarely in the stone. NWA 10816 is quite fresh with a weathering grade of W2 and it has almost all of its original metal which is little being a type LL. We have prepared both large and small slices of the meteorite with one side highly polished and the other side having a low polish. This is a nice LL5 meteorite for any collector.

NWA 10816 Meteorite For Sale

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