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Oued Sfayat H5 Meteorite

Oued Sfayat H5 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Fall May 16, 2019
Location: Tindouf, Algeria
Classification: Chondrite H5
Total Known Weight: 8 kg

The Oued Sfayat meteorite is a witnessed fall. On May 16, 2019 shepherds saw a bright bollide at Dakhla Camp in Tindouf. The meteor traveled at a low angle of about 30 degrees from west moving slowly west. Booms were heard and shock waves were felt by the witnesses.

Oued Sfayat is an H5 ordinary chondrite type stone meteorite. Approximately 8 kilograms of freshly fusion crusted stones were initially recovered within days of the fall event. Most of the meteorites of Oued Sfayat are small in the 10-60 gram weight range with several larger stones up to 500 grams in weight also being recovered. Oued Sfayat is light gray internally and fresh black fusion crusted on the exterior. Chondrules are almost absent from the meteorite. It has a quite high shock state of S4 and as a quickly recovered witnessed fall has a weathering state of W0.

Oued Sfayat H5 Meteorite Information

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