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NWA 8655 LL5 melt breccia Meteorite

Northwest Africa 8655
Morocco Find 2014
Mass 6.44 kg
Chondrite LL5 Melt Breccia

The Northwest Africa (NWA) 8655 meteorite was found as a single 6.44 kg stone and purchased in October 2014 from a Moroccan dealer. This meteorite was classified by the University of Washington as an Ordinary Chondrite LL5 Melt Breccia. Of all meteorite classifications, melt breccias are some of the most interesting to science. Melt breccias are meteorites that are not only made up of broken angular clasts of rocks, but are also melted. NWA 8655 also has shred-like grains of metal and rounded blebs of troilite which are signs of melting. There are all types of melted chondrites. However, at present only NWA 8655 has been classified as an LL5 Melt Breccia.

NWA 8655 is visually a dramatic meteorite. It has large clasts of yellowish rock set in a matrix of nearly black stone. Yet careful examination of almost any piece will reveal that there are many remnant chondrules within the dark matrix. The rounded shape of the occasional troilite blebs is evidence of the melted nature of the meteorite. This is a meteorite that is unique in appearance and classification; a very desirable stone to add to any collection.

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