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Aba Panu L3 Meteorite

Aba Panu L3 MeteoriteLocation: Oyo, Nigeria
Find / Fall: Fall 2018
Classification: Chondrite L3
Total Known Weight: 160 kg

Abu Panu meteorites fell on the Oyo region of Nigeria after detonations were heard on April 19, 2018. Abu Panu is an L3 Chondrite and is moderately shocked at S4. As a fresh fall, it has a weathering grade of W0. An estimate of the total known weight is 160 kgs.

Internally Abu Panu meteorites are a gray color but may appear gray-green externally. Abundant chondrules are seen of all chondrule types. Many armored chondrules are also found. Few shock veins are seen in slices. Stones had little fusion crust which is confined to recesses in regmaglypts.

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