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NWA 10828 H4 Meteorite

NWA 10828 H4 MeteoriteLocation: Northwest Africa
Find / Fall: Find 2009
Classification: Chondrite H4
Total Known Weight: 541 g

NWA 10828 was found in a mixed box of meteorites intended to become slices. But its unusual appearance of chondrules that were eroding out of the ground mass and standing out free of surrounding rock led to it being sent for classification. The laboratory study confirmed chondrules and chondrule fragments surrounded by secondary calcite, iron oxides, and void spaces. This peculiar weathering has not darken the ground mass of the stone which remains a light tan color, but has left just roughly 5-10% of the original metal present. The single stone of 541 grams had a thick outer layer of fragile material where the ground mass was nearly gone. This outer material became large and small fragments often with the imprint of the choundrules showing as cup depressions. Such replacement of the matrix with calcite is unusual and the distinct large choundrules make for a very interesting H4 meteorite.

NWA 10828 is friable and can crumble if handled roughly.

NWA 10828 Meteorite For Sale

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