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Tassédet 004 H5 Impact Melt Meteorite

Tassédet 004 H5 Impact Melt MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 2016
Location: Agadez, Niger
Classification: H5-melt breccia
Total Known Weight: 405 kg

The Tassédet 004 meteorite has been classified as a H5-melt breccia and was found near Agadez, Niger in 2016. The Tassédet 004 impact melt has also been traded under the name “Tchifaddine”.

The generally rounded stones are dark grey in external appearance sometimes showing evidence of the melt areas inside. When cut the meteorites has abundant grains of iron and often metal veins running through the stone. Batches of melt appear as shiny black areas with tiny round blebs of melted iron enclosed in the melt. The melt areas when present will sometimes flow and wind across the slice. This find of H impact melt meteorites is an uncommon event and offers a great chance for collectors to obtain a seldom seen meteorite type.

Tassédet 004 Meteorites For Sale

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