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NWA 4860 L4 Meteorite

NWA 4860 L4 MeteoriteLocation: Northwest Africa
Find / Fall: Found 2003
Classification: Chondrite L4
Total Known Weight: 26 kg

The NWA 4860 meteorite was found in 2003 in Northwest Africa with a total mass of 26 kg. NWA 4860 has been classified as an L4 chondrite by Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory, Portland State University. Although found in 2003 it was not approved by the Meteoritical Society until 3 Mar 2009.

NWA 4860 is a L4 chondrite with highly shocked chondrules, a feature of a violent history. Highly shocked meteorites are always interesting to science as they give researchers a glimpse into a moment of great impact, heat and pressure. It has a shock stage of S6 and contains melt rock that surrounds chondrules and fragments in the structure. The metal in the meteorite is visually unusual and the meteorite has a light scattering of bubbles. This is definitely a unique meteorite with lots of interesting features. The slices are highly polished on one side.

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