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Chergach H5 Meteorite

Chergach Meteorite H5Find / Fall: Fall – 2007
Location: Tombouctou, Mali
Classification: Chondrite H5
Total Known Weight: 100 kg

Chergach meteorite was a witnessed fall from an event which occurred on either July 2 or 3 of 2007 in the daytime. Stones fell after a smoke cloud was seen and several detonations were heard. A large number of fusion crusted stones were found with a total weight of approximately 100 kilograms. The largest meteorites of the Chergach fall were 17.8 and 13.9 kilograms with the smallest weighing just 1.5 grams. The Chergach strewnfield extends for more than 20 kilometers and is located in the Erg Chech.

Chergach is a type H5 ordinary chondrite. It has chondrules with a mean size of .38 mm. No Copper was found in Chergach meteorites. The stones are shocked to a stage S# with some small clasts showing more shock of S4. Chergach meteorites have shock veins in some cases.

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