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Tsarev L5 Meteorite

Tsarev L5 MeteoriteLocation: Volgogradskaya oblast’, Russia
Find / Fall: Find 1968
Classification: Chondrite L5
Total Known Weight: 1.23 t

The Tsarev meteorite was found near the village of the same name in Russia. The meteorite maybe the result of a fall on December 6, 1922, at 0700 hrs. However, Tsarev stones were not found until 1968 and were not recognized as meteorites until 1979. It is reported that 1.23 tons of the Tsarev meteorite fell. Tsarev is an L5 chondrite.

The Tsarev pieces we are offering are all polished in one area to show off the internal structure. Tsarev has a nearly black matrix with a normal amount of bright metal for an L type chondrite. Chondrules can be seen even with the dark matrix with the aid of a hand lens.

Tsarev Meteorite For Sale

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