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NWA 11182 Lunar Meteorite

NWA 11182 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find: 2017
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Lunar (feldspathic breccia)
Total Known Weight: 60g

NWA 11182 is classified as a Lunar Feldspathic Breccia. A stone was found in North Africa and purchased in 2017 at Tucson, AZ from a meteorite dealer. A sawed surface revealed a fragmental breccia containing many white clasts of feldspar and fine grain rock fragments in a dark-gray ground mass. NWA 11182 is a highly shocked meteorite with melt areas.

NWA 11182 is a beautiful meteorite. It is a hard stone that takes a polish and among the most colorful of the lunar meteorites. Many lunar breccias are made of only white, gray, and black fragments NWA 11182 has areas of brown, red, and deep maroon mixed with in with those normal shades. It has areas of melt which often blend the colors. NWA 11182 is going to make a beautiful addition to any collection.

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About Lunar Meteorite NWA 11182

Northwest Africa 11182 Lunar Meteorite For Sale

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