NWA 10964 Lunar Meteorite

NWA 10964 Lunar MeteoriteFind / Fall: Found 2015
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Lunar, feldpathic breccia
Total Known Weight: 26 g

The NWA 10964 meteorite was found in Northwest Africa in 2015. Four pieces of NWA 10964 were found in 2015 with a total weight of 26 grams. The meteorites were purchased by a meteorite dealer from a nomad in Morocco, 2016.

NWA 10964 has been classified as a Lunar Feldspathic Breccia type meteorite and is highly shocked with a low weathering state. NWA 10964 is a dark impact melt meteorite with scarce metal grains visible on cut surfaces.

NWA 10964 Lunar Meteorite Information

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