Moon Dust Display Boxes

Moon Dust Display Boxes

Moon Dust For Sale

Meteorites from the Moon are among the very rarest of the rocks from space which fall to Earth. Great asteroid impacts into the lunar surface will sometimes blast off pieces of moon rock with such force that they escape The Moon's gravity. These lunar rocks travel in space until ultimately falling to Earth as meteorites. Dust on the Moon is created by the continuous bombardment of meteoroids and asteroids which pulverize lunar rocks into dust. It could be called lunar soil or moon dirt.

When lunar meteorites are prepared into slices in our lab, lunar dust is created during the cutting process. We carefully recover and save this lunar dust . It is this Moon dust that we use in our display boxes. Because of the careful steps and process we follow, we can 100% guarantee the authenticity of our lunar Moon dust for sale. Moon dust should not be ingested and like all rock dust it is unhealthy to breath in.

NWA 12593 Moon Dust Display Box


NWA 12593 Lunar Meteorite Moon Dust Display Boxes For Sale

Find / Fall: Found - 2017
Location: Mali
Classification: Lunar (fragmental breccia)

These Moon Dust display boxes contain genuine moon dust from the cutting of Lunar Meteorite NWA12593. The Moon Dust is securely preserved in a plastic container inside each display box.

Each display box contains 250mg of NWA 12593 lunar meteorite dust displayed in a black plastic glass top display box. These displays make wonderful gifts and come packed in a silver foil gift box.

Display Box Dimensions:

  • Outer Dimensions - 2 7/8" x 2 5/16 x 5/8"
  • Inner Display Dimensions - 1 1/2" x 2" x .25"


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