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NWA 13788 Lunar Meteorite

NWA 13788 Lunar MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find: 2020
Location: Ouargla, Algeria
Classification: Lunar (melt breccia)
Total Known Weight: 2.6 kg

NWA 13788 is a lunar melt breccia meteorite found in 2020 as 3 stones with a total recovered weight of 2.6 kilograms. NWA 13788 specimens has a dark brown fusion crust. The meteorites have a somewhat darker matrix with light and dark clasts. NWA 13788 is an impact melt breccia with angular to subrounded mineral and lithic clasts set in a mostly glassy matrix of brown, flow banded, vesicular partly de-vitrified glass and fine grained crystalline impact melt. The lithic clasts in NWA 13788 are mostly anorthitic plagioclase with a smaller amount of olivine and pigeonite. As a melt stone it has a high shock state but it has a low weathering state.

NWA 13788 is an attractive colorful meteorite which we have sliced and polished to a bright surface. NWA 13788 is one of only nine meteorites from the Moon that has the classification of Lunar Melt Breccia.

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About Lunar Meteorite NWA 13788

Northwest Africa 13788 Lunar Meteorite For Sale

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