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Gadamis 004 Lunar Meteorite

Gadamis 004 Lunar MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find: 2022
Location: Ghadamis, Libya
Classification: Lunar (anorth)
Total Known Weight: 12.66 kg

Gadamis 004 is a lunar meteorite found in Libya in 2022. A single stone of Gadamis 004 weighing 12.66 kilograms was found at the same location as Gadamis 002 and Gadamis 003 to which it is paired. Gadamis 004 was found with patches of fusion crust and a smooth surface with patches of light green color. Gadamis 004 is classified as a Lunar Ferroan Anorthosite, cataclastic and has a texture similar to the Apollo 16 cataclastic Ferroan Anorthosites.

The saw cut surfaces of Gadamis 004 reveal centimeter sized clasts of anorthsite bounded by darker fine grained cataclastic zones. Gadamis 004 is a breccia consisting of a 98-99% anorthitic plagioclase host with very small oilivine and proxene blebs. Larger pyroxene grains are sparse. Together the olivine and pyroxene make up only 1-2% of the meteorite.

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About Lunar Meteorite Gadamis 004

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