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Sericho Pallasite Individuals

Sericho Pallasite IndividualsFind / Fall: Find – 2017
Location: Eastern, Kenya
Classification: Pallasite
Total Known Weight: 2.8 t

The Sericho pallasite meteorite was found in Kenya in 2016. Two brothers searching for their camel found the first large stones and thought they might be meteorites. However, the stones had been known for decades. About 2.8 tons of the pallasite has been recovered. Pallasites are a mix of olivine, the same mineral as the gemstone peridot, and nickel-iron metal. The Sericho strewnfield is about 45 km long.

Originally it was reported that the majority of Sericho individuals were over 50 kgs in weight. But later numerous small and tiny pieces have been recovered. Some of these small pieces are skeletons of mostly only metal. Many have holes and most have little or none of their olivine crystals remaining. These skeleton Sericho pieces are unique individual cosmic sculptures.

Sericho Meteorite Individuals For Sale

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