Admire Pallasite Meteorite

Find / Fall: Find – 1881
Location: Kansas, USA
Classification: Pallasite, PMG
Total Known Weight: 180 kg

Admire is a pallasite stony-iron meteorite containing a mixture of olivine crystals and nickel-iron metal in approximately equal amounts. Pallasites are one of the rarest types of iron-rich meteorites. The Admire Pallasite was discovered in 1881 when a mass was struck by a plow. Later other masses were found totaling 180 kgs. In recent years much more of he Admire meteorite has been discovered with the aid of modern metal detecting equipment. The total known amount of Admire is now about 2 tons. The meteorite fell in Lyon County, Kansas in the far past. With 11% Nickel-Iron it is a typical main group Pallasite.

Our specimens of Admire are finely prepared polished slices that show the olivine crystals in a wonderful way. Many of the slices have been cut so that the yellow color of the extraterrestrial olivine can be seen when the specimens are backlit. The olivine in pallasites is the same mineral as the gemstone Peridot but these peridot are special they are not from the Earth.

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