NWA 14353 CVred3 Meteorite

NWA 14353 CVred3 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find 2021
Location: Morocco
Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CVred3)
Total Known Weight: 466 g

The NWA 14353 meteorite was purchased in Mauritania in July 2021. NWA 14353 is a carbonaceous chondrite type meteorite. Based on its texture and chemistry it has been determined to be a reduced CV3 thus the CVred3 classification which appears in publications. NWA 14353 has a shock stage of C-S3 and is in a low weathering state. The total known weight is 466 grams.

NWA 14353 has a dark gray to dark brown exterior. Cut surfaces of the meteorite reveal a chondritic texture with abundant ellipsoidal light and dark colored chondrules and CAIs.

NWA 14353 CVred3 Meteorite Information

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