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Nagjir 001 CV3 Meteorite

Nagjir 001 CV3 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Found 2021
Location: Rio de Oro, Western Sahara
Classification: Carbonaceous Chondrite CV3
Total Known Weight: 4.8 kg

Nagjir 001 is a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite of Type CV3. Four pieces of Nagjir 001 were found in 2021 that fitted together in the desert of Rio De Oro, Western Sahara which totaled 4.8 kg. The pieces were recovered within the Nagjir Dense Collection Area. Nagjir 001 was purchased by Carlos Muñecas  from a dealer in Morocco in July 2021.

This meteorite is a moderately weathered meteorite. The exterior of the meteorite is dark gray to dark brown. Cut faces show abundant light and dark colored chondrules. Numerous CAIs are seen in the meteorite. visually this is an exciting meteorite with its densely packed colorful chondrules. It is a hard meteorite which takes an excellent polish as seen in the specimens we are offering.

Nagjir 001 CV3 Meteorite Information

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