Gibeon Meteorite

Gibeon Meteorite

Gibeon Iron Meteorite

Find / Fall: Find - 1836
Location: Namaland, Namibia
Classification: Iron, IVA
Total Known Weight: 26 Metric Tons

The Gibeon Meteorite is a medium octahedrite iron which means that is shows a medium Widmanstatten pattern when cut and etched. It is one of the most stable irons having a little higher nickel content and fewer inclusions then some other common iron meteorites. It was discovered 1836 in Great Nama land in Namibia. Many large masses were found then and pieces have continued to be found to the present. But, it is becoming scarce to the collecting market and nice individuals are now much less often seen for sale.

Gibeon Meteorite 415.4g

Nice sculptured Gibeon meteorite specimen.