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Saint-Aubin Iron Meteorite

Saint Aubin MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 1968
Location: Champagne-Ardenne, France
Classification: Iron, IIIAB
Total Known Weight: 472 kg

The Saint Aubin meteorite was originally found in 1968 near the small village of the same name in France. Five masses were recovered in a farmer’s field during plowing. The meteorite is estimated to have impacted Earth 55,000 years ago. New discoveries made over the last three years at the location using advanced metal detection equipment have discovered many more masses. The total amount of Saint Aubin meteorite is now over 6 tons.

Saint Aubin is a IIIAB type iron meteorite with a high nickel, high gold and low iridium chemistry. It has a very attractive Widmanstätten pattern. St. Aubin contains sarcopside and or graftonite and needles of schreibersite up to 6 cm in length. It can have shock features (Neumann lines and shock-hatched kamacite).

Saint-Aubin Iron Meteorite Information

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