Brahin Pallasite Meteorite

Brahin Pallasite MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find 1810
Location: Gomel’, Belarus
Classification: Pallasite, PMG
Total Known Weight: 823 kg

Brahin is a pallasite type meteorite which is one of the rarer types of meteorites. Brahin was found in 1807 or 1810 in Belarus. The first pieces were found approximately 0.4 kilometer north of the village of Ljady in the Brahin District, Byelorussia. The listed total known weight is 823 kilograms but it likely exceeds 1000 kilograms. After the initial recovery in 1807 more pieces were found in 1968 and a 227 kilogram mass was recovered in 2002. The Brahin strewnfield is 15 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide crossed by the Dnieper River.

Brahin is a main group Pallasite with angular olivine crystals colored and darkened by terrestrial weathering. It is an attractive meteorite none the less and makes a fine addition to any collection.

Brahin Pallasite Meteorite Information

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