NWA 14743 CVox3 Meteorite

NWA 14743 CVox3 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Found 2021
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite CVox3
Total Known Weight: 3.3 kg

The NWA 14743 meteorite was purchased by meteorite dealers from an Algerian dealer in December 2021. Three pieces of NWA 14743 were recovered in 2021 with a total known weight recorded as 3.3 kilograms.

NWA 14743 has been classified as a carbonaceous chondrite of the CV3 type. It is an oxidized version of this classification and has been given a low weathering state and a low shock stage.

Slices of NWA 14743 show relatively large, spherical, and well formed chondrules in a fine grained matrix. The meteorite also has ameboid to irregularly shaped CAIs.

NWA 14743 CVox3 Meteorite Information

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