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NWA 1465 CV3-an Meteorite

NWA 1465 MeteoriteFall / Find: Found 2001
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: CV3-an
Total Known Weight: 3 kg

NWA1465 is a CV3 anomalous carbonaceous chondrite. Many pieces were found in the desert of Western Sahara totaling 3000 grams. NWA 1465 is a type 3 chondrite with chondrules, mineral fragments, and refractory objects. Cut surfaces will often display chondrules that are flattened or elongated. NWA 1465 has a shock stage of S4 and a weathering state of W3.

NWA 1465 is a chondrule rich meteorite. Many specimens are very close-packed with a variety of chondrule types. Some CAIs are seen but they are not common. NWA 1465 is a pretty meteorite for those who love chondrules. With only 6 meteorites having the CV3 anomalous classification this is a member of a very exclusive family and a great opportunity for type collectors.

NWA 1465 Meteorite Information

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